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If you have a care coordinator, you could speak to them during your regular appointments or at a review meeting. Some supported living homes are shared by 2 or 3 people with a similar health problem, such as a substance misuse problem or a particular disability. Your rehab program must provide you with a solid foundation the whole time.

Since each person in the social group has different ideas and opinions, a number of voices can provide input. Everyone needs a few friends to lean on for support during tough times. A recovering addict may tend to shut him or herself away from people once his or her treatment program is finished. They may have the idea that they “have this covered” or they’re “fine now,” when nothing could be further from the truth. United ResponseThis group works in local communities throughout England and South Wales. Their services include small residential care homes and supported housing.

If you would like more advice or information you can contact our Advice and Information Service by clicking here.

Watch this video about the Meath Trust’s round-the-clock care scheme that supports people with epilepsy. They can also help with administrative tasks and personal care. They’re a combination of suitable accommodation – which can be your own home – with some forms of personal care (like help with washing or cooking).

You might get your own room, but if you go there in an emergency you may have to share. You normally have your own bedroom but will share other areas. You can get more information on therapeutic communities from the Association of Therapeutic Communities. You can find their contact details in the Useful Contacts section at the bottom of this page. We have highly trained, professional, compassionate staff members who are experienced in the recovery process ready to assist you.

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This way, when you’ve completed your stay in our Sober Living Environment and are ready for long-term recovery, you’ll have support for building a new life. Finding the addiction treatment location that works for you isn’t easy. Community clean-up days are another opportunity to get out and meet other people while helping the community.